Magna Junior Jungle


The all-new style of the ever-popular Magna Jnr designs- Jungle Safari is bound to delight your little jungle-lovin' kids too!

This gorgeous Magna Junior now comes in an all new case that is dent- resistant, with a stronger handle, making it easy to tote around and making it longer-lasting too!

An illustrated backscene and ribbon straps hold the case lid in place and create the perfect display panel for your little one's  creations.

Magna Junior is the perfect toy because not only does it engage little kids for hours, but also helps them explore and express their creativity by mixing and matching magnetic pieces to create one of the six puzzles provided or their own combination.

The smart tin case doubles as a game board - so it is portable and perfect for cafe play and car trips.

 Large format puzzle pieces - great for small hands!

 Suitable for ages 3+

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